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Peter Pan Speedrock have recorde a single together with Def P of the Osdorp Posse at the "Ultimate Recording Studio" The track was written in a colloboration by the two acts and produced by Jack Pisters and the band. Recording, mixing and mastering by "Mouse". The single will be release by suburban to support the Tibetan cause. Check out www.ticketfortibet.com for the upcoming festival and other news.

www.dawamusic.nl is coming soon. Peptide's label for rock and alternative music.

DAWA music (with Suburban Records), Peptide's label for alternative and rock music are very proud this month to announce the release of Clayborn's second EP "Kiss Me"

The S.C.A.R. album "The Awakening" is now to be released after summer 2005.
The Awakening is produced by Peptide Music, and will be available on the DAWA label (with Suburban Music).
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www.dawamusic.nl is coming soon. Peptide's label for rock and alternative music.




Peptide Music offers an extensive guitar based rentals service.
Advice from professionals for your projects.
Pre and post production for all sound projects.
The right people, in the right place for the job.
Peptide Music specialize in finding teachers and education services.
The record labels.
Peptide knows guitars. Heres what we can do.
Making guitars and basses sound like they should, often better.
Operations from the Ultimate Studio, Gorinchem.
A network of musicians, producers, engineers, composers and more.
Band coaching for pre production or corporate events.
How to get hold of us.
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Peptide Music offer a variety of services for music
professionals. From equipment rentals, audio
production and recording, to eduaction services and
music workshops. All the information you will need
can be found on these pages. Feel free to drop us
an email on


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